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Inside Italian Design: Beyond the Glossy Cover Image



Inside Italian Design: Beyond the Glossy Cover Image

logo italian design day3rd Italian Design Day - Sydney Design Festival

On the occasion of the 3rd Italian Design Day and of the Sydney Design Festival 2019, the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney has invited Arturo Tedeschi, architect and computational designer based in Milan, to take part in a symposium dedicated to the theme of the 2019 Sydney Design Festival, Accessing Design. Other participants in the symposium will be Berto Pandolfo, industrial designer and Director of Product Design at the UTS, Paolo Stracchi, architectural engineer and Lecturer in Architectural Technology at the University of Sydney, and Nico Pietroni, Senior Lecturer at the UTS School of Software.

The first Italian Design Day was held in 2017 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage and ITA – Italian Trade Agency. On this day 100 cities all over the world will host roundtables hosting an “Italian design ambassador” selected among the big names of Italian design, entrepreneurs, critics, academics, communicators and “Under 35” designers. These ambassadors will illustrate the history and the new tendencies of a sector whose accomplishments and planning skills have produced outstanding and unique results.

In 2019 the Institute has included this event in the Sydney Design Festival, a yearly festival reaching its 21st edition in 2019 and sydney design festivalwhose theme will be this time Accessing Design, a concept that seeks to promote responsive design that gives voice to diverse Sydney communities, and asks designers to broaden the definition of design to expand the dialogue between creative practice, access and inclusivity.

The program of the symposium will include the following talks:

  • Arch. Arturo Tedeschi: Hyper-meritocracy in architecture and design
  • Prof. Berto Pandolfo: Italian product design companies: From humble workshops to international brands
  • Dr. Paolo Stracchi: Open-process: the Italian way of making structural design
  • Dr. Nico Pietroni: Engineering and imagination: advanced computational design to manufacturing

tedeschiArturo Tedeschi started his career in 2004, combining professional practice with a personal research on algorithms-aided design, focusing on relationships between architecture and emerging technologies. In 2010 he published Parametric Architecture, a best seller book on computational design. In the same year he worked at Zaha Hadid Architects in London and later he founds the office A>T starting an intense activity both as a designer and consultant for leading firms and companies. His design approach includes techniques such as Algorithms-Aided Design (AAD), robotic milling, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. Among his projects: NU:S Installation at Chiostro del Bramante (2012), Parametric Shoes (2012), The CloudBridge (2013), Ilabo Shoes with Ross Lovegrove (2015), Fessura wall system (2017), Alcantara Corner Lounges for Audi with Ross Lovegrove (2017), Oyster Chair (2018). He is the author of AAD Algorithms-Aided Design, a reference book on algorithmic design.

Berto Pandolfo is an industrial designer who trained and worked in Australia and Italy. His design research pandolfointerests are influenced by non-traditional or practice-oriented investigations. Specifically his research focuses on the application of both emerging and traditional methods to develop new approaches to complex form making. Berto is senior lecturer and director of the Integrated Product Design program at UTS. He teaches in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a focus on the history of industrial design, technical and visual communication for industrial designers, object making and prototyping and commercialization of design.

paolo stracchiPaolo Stracchi is an architectural engineer and Lecturer in Architectural Technology at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sydney. His research work investigates on the seamless relationship between architecture and construction, and on historical construction methods and speculative design upon the same. Paolo has practised extensively as a Project Designer in Italy and Australia and attained a PhD in Architecture and Construction from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Nico Pietroni is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Software within FEIT at UTS. His research focus is within the nico pietronifields of computer graphics and geometry processing and investigates concepts and practical algorithms for the creation and manipulation of digital shape representation.

Free entry. Limited seats.

Booking essential:

Sydney Design Festival 2019



Date: Thursday, March 07, 2019

Time: From 6:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

In collaboration with : Sydney Design Festival

Entrance : Free


Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Sydney