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Pizzica and Tarantella Workshop



Pizzica and Tarantella Workshop

Presented by the Melbourne School of Tarantella


In this class children will be introduced to the historical and cultural background of the Tarantella in form of interactive storytelling followed by a demonstration of the dance by the instructors. Children will learn the basic steps of the dance and a fun, easy to learn routine that will be danced in the traditional ronda, the circle, and in couples to explore and experience the main codes of interactions of the dance.

Cost of workshop: $20

ADULT WORKSHOP: 6:30-8:30pm

Dance conveys and reflects the spirit, conflict, and hope of its own time and context. It has always accompanied the celebration of important events in the community: births, marriages, natural events, etc. As an artistic form and collective expression, it expresses both cultural and social values. The traditional/ethnic dance in particular is an inexhaustible reservoir of experiences and knowledge of the history of the people it represents.

This workshop will explore the cultural and social value of the different styles of tarantella within their communities from their origins to today. In particular we will focus on the Pizzica Pizzica, traditional dance from Apulia deeply connected with the ritualism of Tarantism, of which we will outline the main characteristics.

Participants will learn the basic steps, their symbolism, the codes of interaction with others within the dance, ending with a joyful dance in couple and final "Ronda" improvisation.

No experience is necessary, this dance is accessible to all and celebrates individual movement and expression.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for those who do not wish to dance barefoot. Women can bring a light scarf to dance with.

Cost of workshop: $30.


Rosa Voto is an Italian born performing artist, vocalist, percussionist and dancer, living in Australia since 2003. Founder and artistic rosa votodirector of the Melbourne School of Tarantella, the first school in Australia dedicated to the teaching of Southern Italian traditional and ritualistic dances, Rosa also founded the band Sanacori Ensemble, with which she performs songs from Italy and the Mediterranean area. She studied ballet and jazz dance at Hamlyn Academy in Florence, Italy, and was exposed to Southern Italian traditional dances and music since childhood by her family ancestors from Puglia and Calabria. Rosa has established her practise with the Melbourne School of Tarantella with the participation to numerous multicultural festivals and events across the country. She has also developed specific dance and movement programs for primary and secondary schools, nursing homes and community centres. These programs fuse together the teaching of folk dances with elements of dance and movement therapy, to help participants achieve physical, emotional and social integration. Rosa travels regularly to the South of Italy to extend her research and always seeks new ways to present and integrate the dance with the Australian culture.

Natasha Colangelo is a long time dance troupe member of the Melbourne School of Tarantella, performs regularly at multicultural festivals and conducts dance workshops at schools around Melbourne. She is an entrepreneur of community projects and is a trainer in hospitality for young adults with disabilities. Her desire for community engagement is strong and evident professionally and personally.

Booking essential with Rosa at or 0430 162 408.


Date: Friday, February 07, 2020

Time: From 4:30 pm To 8:30 pm

Organized by : Melbourne School of Tarantella

In collaboration with : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Entrance : With fee


Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Sydney