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Love and Anarchy (Film d’amore e d’anarchia)



Love and Anarchy (Film d’amore e d’anarchia)

amore anarchia internaSeven Beauties: The Movies by Lina Wertmüller

The retrospective Seven Beauties, dedicated to acclaimed Italian filmmaker Lina Wertmüller and organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Randwick Ritz Cinema and Cinema Reborn, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, continues with the screening of the movie Love and Anarchy (Film d’amore e d’anarchia) (1973).

Irreverent, rule-breaking and impossible to define, Italian filmmaker Lina Wertmüller broke ground as the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar as Best Director in 1977. An unabashed feminist and non-conformist, her films take the absurdities of society and turn them on their heads – the results being sometimes witty, sometimes shocking, always political. The series celebrates her work with seven of her best films.

The movie will be introduced by Associate Professor Bruce Isaacs, who teaches Film Studies at the University of Sydney and is currently working on a large research project entitled ‘The Making of the Modern Action Film’. Read his ‘Great Movie Scenes’ column in The Conversation.

Love and Anarchy (Film d’amore e d’anarchia) (1973)

Cast: Giancarlo Giannini, Mariangela Melato, Lina Polito, Eros Pagni

When his anarchist friend is killed trying to assassinate Mussolini, Tunin (Giancarlo Giannini)amore anarchia interno decides it’s up to him to finish the job. While visiting a brothel, he meets a prostitute names Salomé (Mariangela Melato), who agrees to help with his plan, as her former boyfriend was also killed by Mussolini. They enlist the aid of another prostitute, Tripolina (Lina Polito), and hatch an elaborate plan, but, when the fateful day comes, the women has second thoughts.

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Date: Sunday, April 11, 2021

Time: At 4:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

In collaboration with : Cinema Reborn

Entrance : With fee


Randwick Ritz, 45 St Pauls Street, Randwick