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Gli Eventi



Gli Eventi

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney promotes, organizes and funds a vast array of cultural events with the aim of strengthening and broadening the level of cultural exchange between Australia and Italy.

The program seeks to make the most significant aspects of contemporary Italian culture known to the Australian public.

Where and how to participate

All the initiatives which take place at the Institute are free of charge for members of the public. When the events take place at other institutions and cultural centres the information relating to tickets is provided at the foot of the notices relating to the event.

How to make a reservation for an event

For the various cultural events on offer it is always necessary to make a reservation in advance. The contact details regarding reservations will always be provided at the foot of the relative promotional notices.

Variations to the program

The program is subject to change due to unforseen circumstances. Notice of any such changes will be immediately communicated to those who are on the Institute’s electronic mailing list.

Calendar of events

It is possible to consult the current Calendar of events, which is arranged into specific windows containing all the relevant information on each event. It is also possible to activate searches on past programming by selecting the date, category, titles and particpants of the various cultural events. 

Other events

In the section External events we note those cultural events with an Italian theme organized locally by other institutions without the participation of the Institute.

Events in Italy

The window Events in Italy offers a brief summary of the principal events currently planned in Italy in the cultural domain.