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Giorgione after Sydney - research hypothesis



Giorgione after Sydney - research hypothesis

giorgioneIn 2017, on the last page of an edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy printed in 1497 in Venice by Pietro de' Quarenghi and held at the Sydney University’s Fisher Library, a death notice was discovered in the form of an ink inscription written above a red chalk sketch of the Madonna and child, which could be attributed to Italian Renaissance artist Giorgione. The inscription, translated, reads:

      1510 Ihs Maria
      On the day of 17 September, Giorgione of Castelfranco, a very excellent artist died of the plague in Venice at the age of 36 and he rests in peace.

The discovery in Australia of an original drawing by Giorgione and of the inscription isgiorgione disegno particularly extraordinary and could provide new information on the life of the celebrated Venetian painter. In fact, we have only few and fragmented news about him, and this information could shed new light on the chronology of his life and new insights into the painter's relationship with his contemporaries.

The seminar, organized by the Department of Italian of the University of Sydney and by the Fisher Library, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney, aims at highlighting the most important aspects of the recent discovery of the drawing attributed to Giorgione.

The seminar will be opened by Jaynie Anderson, one of the leading experts in Giorgione's painting, who will contextualize the value of the discovery. World-renowned archaeologist and art historian Salvatore Settis will subsequently deliver a speech titled Double truths? Stylistic / documentary series, relative / absolute dating, followed by well-known palaeographer Giulia Ammannati’s speech titled The hand of the Sydney annotation on Giorgione’s death: first hypotheses.

Other speakers will be Lillo Guarneri, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney, Prof. Philip Kent, director of the Fisher Library. Prof. Francesco Borghesi, director of the Italian Department of the University of Sydney will moderate the meeting. Academics John Gagné and Nerida Newbegin will also participate in the discussion.

salvatore settisSalvatore Settis has been director of the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles (1994-1999) and of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (1999-2010). He has also chaired the Scientific Council of the Louvre since 2010. Among his books: La “Tempesta” interpretata. Giorgione, i committenti, il soggetto (1978), La Colonna Traiana (1988), Laocoonte. Fama e stile (1999), Futuro del ‘classico’ (2004), Artisti e committenti fra Quattro e Cinquecento (2010), Incursioni. Arte contemporanea e tradizione (2020), Deeper Thoughts. Beyond the Allegory of Bellini, Giorgione, and Titian (2021).

Giulia Ammannati (Florence, 1971) teaches Latin Paleography at the Scuolagiulia ammannati 2 Normale Superiore in Pisa. Her research revolves around book, documentary and epigraphic testimonies, from classical antiquity to the Renaissance. Her recent works include those on Giotto (Pinxit industria docte mentis. Le iscrizioni delle allegorie di Virtù e Vizi dipinte da Giotto nella Cappella degli Scrovegni, Pisa 2017; La A di Giotto, «Immagine & parola» 2020), on the Duomo and Tower of Pisa (Menia mira vides. Il Duomo di Pisa: le epigrafi, il programma, la facciata, Pisa-Roma 2019) and on the text and manuscript tradition of Apuleius's Metamorphoses. Giulia Ammannati was responsible for epigraphic identification of the builder of the Tower of Pisa as well as the recognition of Giotto's handwriting inside the Scrovegni Chapel.

The seminar will be conducted on Zoom in ITALIAN.

Watch the webinar HERE

Below it is possible to read an article by Jaynie Anderson, Kim Wilson, Nerida Newbigin and Julie Sommerfeldt on the discovery published on the Burlington Magazine in March 2019:

Read the Burlington Magazine article: Giorgione in Sydney


Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Time: At 7:00 pm

Organized by : Department of Italian Studies

In collaboration with : Fisher Library - Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Entrance : Free