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TRASH – The legend of the magic pyramid



TRASH – The legend of the magic pyramid

chiff logoCHIFF – Children’s International Film Festival

The Children's International Film Festival (CHIFF) brings a curated selection of feature and short local and international cinema dedicated to our youngest film buffs.

Catering for children aged 3-16, the festival's program ranges from non-verbal films for the miniature movie lover, through to a more challenging mix of foreign and English-language films from all over the world, perfect for older budding cinephiles.

All of the new films in the CHIFF program are Australian premieres, handpicked from world-class film festivals such as Berlin, Toronto, and Seattle. These films rarely get a release outside of their home countries, so CHIFF provides one of the only ways for families to catch them on the big screen in Australia.

After a successful launch in 2018, CHIFF returns for a fourth festival in May 2022, once again presenting a jam-packed line-up of carefully curated feature films from around the globe. Italy is featured in the Festival with the movie:

Trash – The legend of the magic pyramid (Italy, 2020, 88’)trash

Directed by Luca Della Grotta & Francesco Dafano

Discarded and forgotten, three packaging items come together in their search for the mythical recycling bin. They will continue their quest until they find it, because even trash deserves a second chance.

Boxes, bottles, cans. Garbage. Abandoned, ignored, inert. Until nightfall. Slim is a resigned cardboard box. He doesn’t believe in the legend of the Magic Pyramid: a place where it’s possible for all garbage to be useful again. His fate changes when a kid toy box, Spark, involves him and his pals in an adventure that will change their life forever.

Information and bookings:


Date: Saturday, June 04, 2022

Time: At 2:00 pm

Organized by : CHIFF

In collaboration with : Randwick Ritz - Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Entrance : With fee


Randwick Ritz