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Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2022



Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2022

italo discoThe well-established collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney and the Antenna Documentary Film Festival is renewed this year as well. The ten-year partnership with the Festival directed by David Rokach, has seen over the years the inclusion in the program of one or more Italian feature films among the most popular both in Italy and internationally.

Among the numerous screenings supported by the IIC, Giovanni Totaro's Happy winter stands out. In 2018, with the director present, the documentary won the first prize in the competition held among productions from all over the world.

The films proposed during the festival are often an open window on the country of origin, of which they sometimes show unusual aspects, especially of a social nature, often little known to the local public. This is the case of two of the Italian documentaries scheduled for 2022 that tell the epic of Italian Disco Music of the 1980s which, born in Italy and "exploded" especially in Germany, made the whole planet dance.

The first film, Italo Disco film. The sparkling sound of the 80s (A. Melazzini -distant planet 2021) immerses the viewer in the musical universe of an era, telling the birth and development of a musical genre with multiple souls and deepens the creative, economic and productive aspects of what it has also been a music industry and a social phenomenon. In doing so, he combines in-depth archive research with interviews with artists and protagonists of the time.

The second film, Distant Planet: the six chapter of Simona, is a short (29 ') by the young American director Josh Blaaberg produced by Gucci in collaboration with Frieze. The docufiction, a skillful mix of narration and archival materials, tells us that when American disco music began to lose its charm, the Italian disco filled the creative hole that had been created overseas. Our version of Disco was multilingual, colorful but also decidedly do-it-yourself, hybrid, and hilariously naive. All features that have made it immortal, defining one of the greatest seasons of Italian electronics.

As a demonstration of an undisguised passion for Italian disco music that made young people from both sides of the ocean dance, Rokach also proposes an Italo Disco Party (date and place TBA) where those who want to try at reproducing the movements just seen on the big screen, will be able to unleash to the sound of synthesizers and electronic percussion.

il bucoWith the third film, the register changes completely, immersing us (literally) in a rural setting and atmosphere far from the glamour and strobe lights typical of the discos of the 1980s. Michelangelo Frammartino's Il buco (The Hole) is a documentary from 2021 that tells the story of the endeavour completed by a group of speleologists in 1961. The explorers plunged into the Bifurto Abyss, a 683 meters long hole located in the Pollino Park (Basilicata). From the initial zoom on the Pirellone skyscraper in Milan (inauguration 1961) to the descent into the bowels of the earth, Frammartino, in an encounter between ecology and nature, study and environmental protection, gives us the measure of how the ecological turning point is very strong for many youth social movements, for activists and politicians but also for artists, intellectuals, writers and directors.

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Date: Da Friday, October 14, 2022 a Sunday, October 23, 2022

Organized by : Antenna Documentary Film Festival

In collaboration with : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Entrance : With fee


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