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Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language

The Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language is a certificate that declares the degree of communicative competence in Italian as a foreign language. Interested parties are all foreign citizens, Italians (children of Italian migrants) residing abroad and foreign migrants residing in Italy.

It is not necessary to hold special academic qualifications to sit for the exams.

In order to offers the exams at the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stipulated agreements with the following institutions:

University for Foreigners in Perugia(CELI) 
Summer session 2018:
Exam date: 18 June (all CELI levels)
Deadline to apply: 11 May
Winter session 2018:
Exam date: 19 November (all CELI levels)
Deadline to apply: 19 October

Complete calendar CELI exams

University for Foreigners in Siena (CILS)
Summer Session 2018:
Exam date: 7 June
Deadline to apply: 27 April
Winter Session 2018:
Exam date: 6 December
Deadline to apply: 26 October

Complete calendar CILS exams

Let us help you choose the most suitable level for you. If you wish to come into our office for a free consultation, write to: or call 02 9261 1780.

Correspondence of certifications with the Common European Framework of Reference and fees (*)


   University for
 Foreigners in Perugia
 University for
 Foreigners in Siena
 Università degli Studi
 Roma Tre
Proficienct user
         CELI 5 € 120     CILS Quattro € 160        C2 IT  € 200
Proficient User
         CELI 4 € 120     CILS Tre       € 135               ------
Independent User
         CELI 3 € 120     CILS Due      € 105        int.IT € 140
B1 Level
For adolescents
              ------     CILS Uno       € 70             ------
Independent User
         CELI 2 € 120     CILS Uno       € 90        ele.IT € 80
Basic User
         CELI 1 € 120     CILS A2         € 40              ------
Basic User
         CELI 1 € 120     CILS A1         € 40              ------

(*) The exam fees (which will include the sum in Australian dollars corresponding to the amount in Euro, using the exchange rate of the day you transfer the money, plus an additional $50 fixed administration fee) will have to be paid with a bank transfer to the following account:

  Account name: Istituto Italiano di Cultura
  Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  BSB: 062 005 A/C: 2801 8109

For information on the exams held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney please contact:

Student Office
Tel.: +61 2 9261 1780