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News and updates

Parla Italiano? – Interview by Monocle Magazinemonocle article2

“Soft-power” made in Italy for the teaching of the Italian language abroad

In November 2016 Monocle (magazine) dedicated a segment of its annual Soft Power Survey, to the “soft-power” initiative by the Italian government which through its 83 Italian Cultural Institutes around the world, promotes the diffusion of the Italian language abroad, with the aim of attracting more and more visitors to its shores.

Dan F. Stapleton, journalist for Monocle, conducted an interview with Donatella Cannova, Director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sydney; the article Parla Italiano? which followed is an important study that sheds light on the increasing number of people of varying socio-cultural backgrounds, who choose to learn Italian. Australia is the ideal place to pursue the project of increasing the number of Italian speakers. Approximately one million Australians are of Italian background and for obvious reasons they desire to study the Italian language. Added to this group are the many Australians who, despite not having any link to Italy, for reasons of “image” prefer to study Italian instead of another European language, because they regard Italians as being friendlier and more approachable. The promotion of Italian language and culture is like a mosaic rich with actors active in this field.

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