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Cooperazione Culturale


Cooperazione Culturale
Cultural Cooperation between Italy and Australia

On 8/1/1975, in order to contribute to the reinforcement of friendly relations and further develop cultural and educational exchanges between the countries of Italy and Australia and their people, a Cultural Agreement between the two countries was signed. Since then the Agreement has been reviewed on a four-year basis.

The current Program of Cultural Cooperation acknowledges the links of tradition and culture that exist between the two countries and the substantial presence in Australia of Australians of Italian background.
In the Program it is noted that Australia acknowledges the valuable contribution by Australian-Italian associations and community groups to the enrichment of Australian cultural and social life and to the country's economic development.

The Italian Government highlights the importance of the ever-increasing diffusion of the Italian language and culture in Australia, not only for safeguarding the cultural heritage of the Italian community, but also in view of maintaining the role of Italian as a language of culture, which can contribute to the growth and the development of the Australian nation.

The two countries further confirmed their interest in cooperating to improve and promote their respective image in the other country in order to maintain and expand contemporary knowledge of the social-cultural traits of both countries by inter alias, exchanges of information, visits of journalists, publishing ventures and exhibitions.

Scientific Cooperation between Italy and Australia

Technical and scientific cooperation between Australia and Italy is of strategic relevance to the two countries given the fundamental role that each one plays in its respective geopolitical area and the numerous similarities that exist between them.

It is intended that this relationship will improve and value each one’s competencies in the areas of scientific knowledge and technical exchange. It is within this context that since 1982 the Office of the Scientific Advisor at the Italian Embassy has operated with the aim of promoting Italian science, as well as the innovativeness of Italian industry which is technologically advanced.

The vastness of the Australian territory, the high level of technical-scientific training present in the country, the strong presence of researchers and scientists of Italian origin, and the latest direction of the Italian government which seeks to respect the scientific, technical and cultural patrimony of Italians abroad, are all elements that justify the “Sistema” approach adopted by the Embassy.