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Premio Flaiano


Premio Flaiano

International Ennio Flaiano Awards for literature, theatre, cinema and television
In the context of the International Ennio Flaiano Award for literature, the Italian Studies prize, offered by the Ennio Flaiano Cultural Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is hereunder announced.

Premio Flaiano for Italian Studies

The Premio Flaiano for Italian Studies which consists of the prize Pegaso d’oro, will cover travelling and hospitality expenses. It will be handed to three authors of works that focus on topics of Italian culture and have been published overseas either in Italian or in a foreign language. The jury will take into consideration publications proposed by the Directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad. The Directors may propose only one of the works published between June 2015 and June 2016 in the country of their competence. Works need to be submitted in duplicate by mail to the Secretariat of the prize (Piazza Alessandrini, 34 – 65127 Pescara) no later than 7th September 2016, preceded by email to ( or by fax to (085 4517909). Submissions will need to have a substantial introduction on the work as well as on the author. The Jury will take into considerations other potential publications indicated by its components.

Applications for the competition must be made to the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney by the 10 August 2016


The Jury

The Jury, chaired by Dacia Maraini, comprises Italian and International experts. It meets in Rome within the offices of the Directorate General for the Promotion of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to announce the three winners for the Narrative and Italian Studies divisions.


Presentation of Awards

The prizes will be presented at an award ceremony at the Teatro Monumentale ‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ in Pescara on Friday 21 October 2016. A third party cannot accept the prize. Should the winner not be present at the ceremony, this will be understood to mean relinquishment of the prize.


Winners of the previous editions

2002: Daniela Amsallem, Peter Kuon, Eanna O’Ceallachain, Joanna Ugniewska
2003: Ginette Herry, Mladen Machiedo, Millicent Marcus, Irmgard Scharold
2004: Smaranda Bratu Elian, Marcel Schneider, Tibor Szabo, Minoru Tanokura
2005: Federica Brunori Deigan, Gerard Marino, Rita Marnoto
2006: Larissa G. Stepanova, Ariel Rathaus, Lucia Re e Paul Vangelisti
2007: Teodolinda Barolini, Adel El Siwi, Dagmar Reichardt
2008: Michail Andreev, Laura Benedetti, Angela Barwig e Thomas Stauder
2009: Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Margherita Heyer-Caput, Thian Shigang
2010: Yasuko Matsumoto, Jozsef Pal, Stanislao Pugliese
2011: Marisa Trubiano, Laura Lahdensuu, Jiří Špička
2012: Edward Goldberg, Philip Cooke, Alfred Noe
2013: Konrad Eisenbichler, Joseph Farrell, Augustine Thompson

Premio Internazionale Flaiano "La cultura italiana nel mondo"

2014: Geo Vasile, Sania Roič, Barbara Kornacka
2015: Ole Meyer




Applications for the competition must be made to the Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney by the 10 August 2016
Associazione Culturale Ennio Flaiano
Piazza Alessandrini 34 - 65127 Pescara - Italy
tel: +39-085-4517898/4510812 - fax: +39-085-4517909