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Three Days of Naples: A Celebration of Culture, Cuisine and Creativity – Day 3 “Agalma”: Daily life at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples



“Agalma”: Daily life at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples

Screening of the documentary by Doriana Monaco (2020, 54 min.) on Thursday 16 May at the Italian Cultural Institute in York Street. Produced by Parallelo 41, the hour-long film chronicles the beauty of one of the most important museums of classical art in the world, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, celebrated not only for its enchanting collection but also for the invisible relationships that take place within it.


In the illusory immobility of the large Bourbon building that houses the Museum, a whirlwind of activity offers new life to statues, frescoes, mosaics and finds of various kinds. The documentary observes what happens every day in the museum environments, focusing on the workers’ daily routine, dealing with very delicate interventions that require care, time, and constant maintenance. The works that have lived and vibrated for centuries are monitored like living bodies. All this happens while visitors arrive from all over the world, populating the numerous exhibition rooms under the apparently impassive eye of the works which are in turn protagonists and spectators of the great human labor. Everything makes the museum emerge as a large productive organism, revealing its nature as a material and intellectual construction site. “Agalma” (from the Greek “statue”, “image”) captures the beauty of the museum not only in its enchanting display of Greco-Roman antiquity, but also in the passion that breathes from workers and arises among visitors every day.


The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the director of the documentary, Doriana Monaco, on a video link from Italy.


Free event, booking essential HERE