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“2020” by Valentino Innocente



“2020” by Valentino Innocente

2020 internaThe Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney informs that the short film (17 ') directed by Valentino Innocente entitled 2020 has been published on its YouTube channel.

The short was launched last year, but the relevance of its message remains undoubted, both because, unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet, and because very little has changed in terms of precariousness in some areas of work. Valentino Innocente, taking a cue from the pandemic, denounces the problem in an original and paradoxical way. A man is locked up in a dark room, with a life buoy on his hips, connected to a bomb: the life buoy is punctured, and if it were to deflate the bomb would explode, killing him. The man then blows, blows, while madness sets in and out of him. A situation unfortunately transposed into reality for over 3 million precarious workers (and their families) that the pandemic has further worsened.

Like the protagonist of the short film, those millions of people continue to blow into a lifesaver (the inability to plan, to move forward,valentino innocente and to have a minimum of economic security), growing more and more, a deep sense of injustice, which it could trigger a reaction whose consequences are hard to imagine.

2020 is produced by anemiC Film and directed by Valentino Innocente assisted by Andrea Dayan, with subject and screenplay by Riccardo Loffredo. The cast includes Marco Di Stefano, the protagonist, together with Fabio Sartor, Sofia Sartor, Tanya Khabarova and Marco Fioramanti.

The short can be viewed online at the following YouTube link


Date: Da Thursday, December 23, 2021 a Monday, January 31, 2022

Organized by : anemiC Film

Entrance : Free