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Was Raffaella Carrà the Italian Taylor Swift?


Italian pop sensation Raffaella Carrà, familiarly known as ‘Raffa’, was an intergenerational and transnational phenomenon, destined to be remembered forever. This event will explore the multifaceted aspects of her legacy.


Raffaella Carrà left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry not just in Italy, but around the globe. Unlike Taylor Swift, known for her narrative songwriting that often draws from her personal life, Raffaella carved a niche through her energetic performances, catchy tunes and charismatic presence that transcended language barriers.


Raffaella’s flair for combining pop music with elements of showmanship, dance and television entertainment set her apart in an era when the music industry was evolving rapidly. Her ability to connect with audiences of all ages, coupled with her pioneering efforts in addressing topics like freedom, love and gender equality in her music and shows, cemented her status as a beloved icon.


While the comparison to Taylor Swift highlights their widespread influence and knack for storytelling, Raffaella’s legacy is uniquely her own, characterised by a blend of joy, resilience and a pioneering spirit that continues to inspire artists and fans worldwide. This leads us to ponder whether Italy has once again been a precursor of trends, not solely in its idiosyncratic politics but also in shaping pop-socio-cultural phenomena.


The keynotes for the night will be:


Bruce Issac (Sydney University) will provide insights into Raffaella’s relationship with the media, highlighting her as an iconographic expression.


Vrasida Karalis (Sydney University) will discuss Raffaella’s role as an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, her dissemination of unconventional ideas and her contribution as a multicultural unifier.


Samantha Mavuli  (NSW Department of Education)) will examine Raffaella’s influence from a feminist perspective, considering both her personal life and her music.


Massimiliano Gugole (SBS Radio)will present on Raffaella’s musical triumphs and her enduring impact on the industry.


A Q&A session will follow the presentations. Videos will be interspersed throughout the event and will include English subtitles wherever possible. A social gathering will conclude the night.


This event is in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney, the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney and GIA Network.

Free Events  – Booking essential HERE